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AGRIBOX Standaard 3D
Agribox standard 3D angled front view
AGRIBOX Standaard bovenaanzicht
Agribox standard top view
AGRIBOX Standaard vooraanzicht
AGRIBOX Standard front view
AGRIBOX Standaard zijaanzicht
AGRIBOX Standard side view
AGRIBOX Standaard onderaanzicht
AGRIBOX Standard bottom view
Uitvoering met halve V schoor
Version with half a V-strut
Uitvoering met hele V schoor
Version with V strut
Alle zijden afgeschuind onder een hoek van 45 graden. Verstek vijfenveertig graden
All sides bevelled under a 45 degree angle
3 mm oversteek voor stabiel stapelen
Wooden knobs extend 3 mm for easy stacking
Gegalvaniseerde beugels schroeven en spijkers
Galvanised braces, screws and nails
Verspringende naden zuigmodel
Alternating spacings suction version
Gegalvaniseerde spijkers beugels en schroeven
Galvanised nails, braces and screws

Dimensions: 1595 x 1195 x 1238 mm

AGRIBOX Standard


  • Northern European spruce wood, KD dried to 14-18% moisture percentage
  • Robust and strong design for stacking boxes 6 up to 8 high
  • Capacity approx 1,300 kg
  • Elements produced by machines
  • The box is fixed onto the pallet through a plywood or concrete plex plate
  • Galvanised nails, screws and braces
  • Waterproof PVAC wood glue
  • Featuring a writing surface and your company name (in black)
  • Average lifespan between 20 and 30 years
  • ISPM 15 certified and suitable for export outside the EU

Suitable for the following products:

  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Red beets
  • Celariac

Suitable for the following ventilation systems:

  • Suction ventilation
  • Pressure ventilation
  • Pallet ventilation
  • Room ventilation

Good to Know

AGRIBOXES are ISPM 15 certified and suitable for export outside of the EU.

You can find our declaration of registration here.